Are these tires made in the USA?
We understand the desire to support American made (we follow the same ideals), however, the economics just don't work for our industry (just ask Japanese based brand Toyo). We've made a great effort to keep every facet of our business here in the USA (design, testing, marketing, customer service, legal, quality assurance, distribution, and sales). The actual tires are manufactured by an American owned factory in Taiwan. We only use rubber from Malaysia and Thailand, no Chinese influence on our product.

How's the tread life, what kind of mileage can I expect?
We won’t be issuing a tread life rating any time soon; that’s just asking for trouble. There are so many variables when it comes to tire wear: alignment, lift height, rotational intervals, etc. However, we do use a harder rubber compound than any other mud tire manufacturer on the market. Similar to semi truck tires, Patriot tires are designed to wear better under heavy loads and heat.

When will you make _________ tire/rim size?
We’ve done our best to anticipate your tire needs by providing the sizes you see on our website (including bigger sizes you didn’t even know wanted, yet). However, we’re constantly monitoring the pulse of this industry. If/when we see a significant need for the size you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll see it on the website. — If you’re running an odd tire/rim combo it might be a minute.

Shipping to Canada? When? How? Cost?
We currently are shipping to Canada. We've worked hard to keep cost low, but it'll still cost a bit more (Estimated on avg. $100 per set).

When can I order some 40’s?
At the last second (and after much testing), we decided to go with our gut and make a push for our 40” to come in a 10 PR. This requires additional tooling with our manufacture. As a result, production dates on our largest tire size, have been bumped back. However, in the end, we know you’ll love it as much as we do… we just can’t half-ass anything.

I know these tires are designed for a heavy duty truck, would you advise against putting them on a lighter vehicle?
Just because these tires were designed with heavy duty pickup trucks in mind, does not mean that they won't work on lighter vehicles. The only difference that you will notice is that other tires use softer rubber and 8 ply instead 10 ply sidewalls to grip just a little bit better in off-road situations. However, our aggressive tread pattern design usually compensates for the stiffer rubber and most drivers won't notice the difference.

I'm running __[blank]__ setup, will these tires work?
Here's where we have to cover our butts, guys. Other than the specs outlined here on the website, we cannot advise further whether your specific scenario will work out perfectly. Take a minute to research with a local tire dealer whether the sizes we offer will work for you.